Know About Amani

It’s time to trench the corny brands and clinch something further unique, and praiseworthy for you. We curate a style space for the pre-eminent, something that comprehends and celebrates everything it means to be an individual in our contemporary subcontinent. Our motive is to brand you uniquely, deviate from the monotonous style of dressing with appropriate style of accessorizing and clasp cutting-edge fashion parallelly not scorching a hole in your pockets. Enumerating authentic Indian artwork and blending it with contemporary design, we are an élite destination for ‘The Indian Modern’. So, we present you a plethora of exquisite designer pieces with the touch of a button. We believe fashion is a right and need, not a luxury, so we intent to deliver the stylish trends at the most affordable prices.

We keep enhancing wardrobe periodically, so that our customer stay loyal to us without any disappointment. With cash-on-delivery, easy returns and fast shipping, we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be bonded to AMANI already! On the journey together as a single company globally focused on the key elements of fashion production –design, manufacture, distribution and retail– we brought our patrons closer than ever to the merchandises they desired at an affordable prices.


We master in combining cutting edge fashion with an affordable price tag. All our products are designed in-house by our talented young team of designers, with our multi-tasking, utopian valuable customers in mind. Since empowerment and manifestation lie at the epicenter of our design philosophy, we really do have something for everyone! So whether you like to perfect your signature style or you like to keep one step ahead of trends we’re sure we’ve got something you’ll adore. We have three major product lines, wrapping the gamut of occasions and wants that every individual has.


Only the original craftsman from the rural India who are the primary curator of the products blending the design of International standard.