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Amani, a brand with a profound meaning, was born during the pandemic, the brainchild of an 89-year-old doting grandfather, Lalit, and his granddaughter, Surbhi. Lalit, a devoted botanist, celebrated nature, gardening, and the enchanting world of flowers. He united his wealth of knowledge with Surbhi’s unwavering passion for self-care.

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Ordered body lotion. Liked fragrance a lot because it was gentle and not irritating. Skin felt soft, nourished.

Alka Yadav

Gifted my nani the body lotion since she’s always trying new things. She really liked it and loved the packaging too. It came in a jute bag and was such a cute gift.

Nandini Rao

I loved OUD odyssey because of fragrance and feel. Really love using it daily

Arjun Singh

I ordered fleur de vie and the fragrance was super fresh and wonderful! It’s become such an essential part of my self care and I look forward to using it everyday.

Ashna Gupta

My friend suggested amani to me since I’m into home grown brands and I looooooved it. Got the shower gel + body lotion. Shower gel was super gentle and body lotion was nice and hydrating. Non-greasy.

Zoya Singh

I saw amani on insta and liked the aesthetic of the brand so thought of giving it a try. I really love the women’s shower gel. It feel lovely on the body and I really like the fragrance - very floral and feminine.

Anushka Reddy


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