Introducing Amani

Amani, a brand with a profound meaning, was born during the pandemic, the brainchild of an 89-year-old doting grandfather, Lalit, and his granddaughter, Surbhi. Lalit, a devoted botanist, celebrated nature, gardening, and the enchanting world of flowers. He united his wealth of knowledge with Surbhi’s unwavering passion for self-care.

Together, they painstakingly formulated products that drew inspiration from the natural world, supported by scientific expertise, and designed to soothe the soul. Amani’s mission extends beyond mere brand creation; it aspires to foster a community that embodies the essence of self-love, acceptance and body-positivity. We see our clients as part of our family and encourage each one to love themselves, as they are.

Amani serves as a sanctuary, a realm of both indulgence and empowerment. It’s a place where you unearth inner beauty, nurture your soul, and discover tranquility amid life’s chaos. Amani isn’t just about self-pampering; it’s a celebration of the art of self-care and an embrace of the serenity it brings.

The name “Amani,” derived from Swahili, means “peace,” and this core value defines the brand’s essence. In a world growing increasingly hectic, taking a few moments each day to calm our minds, infuse our hearts with peace, and nourish our souls is more vital than ever.

Amani’s product line is meticulously crafted to provide luxury skin, bath, and body care rituals, offering an escape from the strains of daily life. Every product is developed with unique, nourishing ingredients suitable for all skin types. These ingredients are thoughtfully tailored to deliver an opulent experience while avoiding harsh chemicals that harm the skin barrier. Instead, they promote deep healing and nourishment, leaving your skin both radiant and healthy.

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